Our Corporate Values


Our Consumers and Customers First

We correctly and swiftly understand the needs of our consumers as well as our domestic and foreign customers and display a quick, proactive and innovative approach to satisfy their demands for a better life.

Operational Perfectionism

Our operational perfectionism principle is based on effective use of technology in all areas, plain business procedures, system of performing within the limits of definitions and our data based and fast decision-making mechanisms. Agility is one of our core competences.

Our Human Resources

We believe that our human resources that are directed by the spirit of science, union and success; are experienced and have strong senses of belonging and owning, are open to all scientific developments, care for sharing information and team spirit and have adopted our participative management understanding and success-oriented working.

Our Ethical Approach

We pay respect to social, political and cultural values in all of our operational regions and behave transparently in line with the laws and code of conduct. We attach great significance to honesty, open communication and just management.

Our Environmental and Social Responsibility

We manufacture goods with an environmental-friendly approach and contribute to create a future better than today. We support modern education, sports, culture and art in order to improve social living quality with social responsibility awareness.


We prioritize mutual exchange of information and listening in communication. We try to create an environment in which everyone can express his/her opinions at every level of the organization.