İnsan Kaynakları Politikamız


In line with our strategy of effective management of human resources, we improve qualification, participation and level of satisfaction of our employees..

The human resources policy aims to create a just, transparent, enabling, high performance, improvement oriented, effectively leading corporate culture representing a single Innosis spirit in which employees are allowed to represent reveal their potentials, each employee creates value and is valued as well as a loyal, happy, effective, successful and healthy workforce.

In line with this target, we adopt just, transparent and integrated practises compatible with global human resources under 3 main topics in order to recruit, develop and retain the best talents. Thus, we aim to move swiftly to the target of being a preferred and good enterprise. Human resources of İnnosis adopt a management approach, which works with all department with the attitude of strategic partnership, continuously analyses the needs of the company and employees, creates value and adapts to changing conditions fast.

  1. Talent Acquisition Process

All hiring processes are effectively used to recruit the most appropriate and qualified candidates for vacant positions based on the mission, vision and values of İnnosis Makine. The human resources section of İnnosis Makine’s website forms the most effective tool of hiring for the company but we also take advantage of alternative hiring resources such as and LinkedIn.

During our hiring process, qualification-based interviews, potential analysis, technical analyses, talent tests and foreign language tests (for certain positions) are performed.

İnnosis aims to contribute in personal and vocational development of high school and university interns by the ‘’Intern Development Programme’’ created for them and cares for meeting with potential candidates through career days, employment fairies et cetera. At the same time, we publish intern advertisements and receive the applications. Intern employment process is also considered as a social responsibility approach. Qualification-based interviews, potential analysis, technical analyses, talent tests and foreign language tests (when needed) are performed for our employee and intern hiring processes.

  1. Talent Management Process

Thanks to performance management system of İnnosis Makine, corporate and functional success indicators are determined at the beginning of each year and the targets are broken down from top to the bottom in order to encourage the entire company for the same targets.

A qualification frame consisting of fundamental, functional and managerial competencies was designed to focus on ‘’how’’ instead of ‘’what’’ while achieving the goals and follow-up the acts feeding the corporate culture and included in the performance management system. A performance management system, which keeps our high performance sustainable, awards good performance, allows development of improvement programme along with potentially great performance.

In addition, potential assessment, back up, rotation and career mapping activities by which our employees are evaluated in terms of their performance, their added value is increased and supported by opportunities of improvement are conducted.

A nearly one-year long ‘’Leadership Improvement Programme’’ is conducted for our senior employees to adopt a leadership approach compatible with our corporate values.

360 degree assessments are made throughout the year to support improvement of our employees and they are supported by the ‘’Assessment and Improvement Centre’’ depending on the feedbacks from the assessment.

III. Retention Process

Increasing and maintaining employee engagement thanks to our strong corporate culture shared and supported by all of our employees since establishment of İnnosis Makine is one of the most significant legs of our retention process. In terms of wages and benefits, global, domestic and industrial trends are tracked and a compatible wage policy is applied. An awarding system in which value-adding behaviours and professional efforts of our employees are examined and awarded is enforced.

Working hours keeping a balance with professional and individual lives our employees were adopted and effective working is supported. Internal candidate assessment process is applicable for the open positions. An interdepartmental rotation programme is also applied for personal development of the employees. For the cases of new hiring and position changes, an appropriately structured orientation programme is applied.

Nobody is discriminated within the body of the company and we have not received any such complaint from our employees up until now.